Junga Trailer Reaction: Vijay Sethupathy plays as Lovable and Budget Don

Vijay Sethupathy and Gokul are back after the outrageously hilarious Idharku Thaane Asai Pattai Balakumara, Makkal Selvan looks energetic and dashing as the central character Don and with Yogi Babu for the company, this is one epic combination I am eagerly looking forward on the big screen. And Yogi Babu has been in fine form on screen lately which is an added attraction.

One of Gokul’s biggest plus is the way the dialogues pan out during the course of the film. In the trailer to the dialogues are smart and witty, Very few creators can build a premise around dialogues alone. Gokul is one of them. Irrespective of what the film has in store for us the dialogues will stand out.

And we have two gorgeous heroines Sayeesha and Madonna Sebastian. Madonna Sebastian is almost a regular in Vijay Sethupathy movies and Junga is no different. One thing is for sure we are all guaranteed a laughter fest if it clicks with the audience and I hope it does. We have very few out and out laugh riots. I just hope Junga joins the list.

I am excited about the locations as well which look rich and eye-catching in the trailer. The big question though is whether we are going to another version of the fearful don whom we are so used to or are we going to see a full on comical version. I prefer the later for we have very few comical dons. Who knows it might even be unintentional. As of now, I am very excited to see Vijay Sethupathy on screen again. He is one actor who deserves all the accolades coming his way so far.

Junga Trailer:


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