Kaalan: Best Street Food of Tamil Nadu

We always love to have something, that is nice, lovely but within affordability. Yet we don’t get to see such. Okay, stop your worries. Here comes “Street Foods” and say Manda Badhram.

Though we come across so many street foods in our life, “Kaalan” aka “Mushroom” stands tops like the list like King’u.

No matter your age is 10, 20 or 50, the crave for Kaalan never stops. There are only very limited persons in our lives, whom we know since our childhood. Where that one “Kaalan- Kada Anna” stands very close to heart.

It all started with that one childhood friend, who got us “Kaalan” for the very first time. Please Whatsapp him a “Kodi Nandrigal. Macha” , right now!! Though our parents have warned us not to have any food from streets. That one “Nalla Ullam” had the guts to convince you to eat Kaalan for the very first time.

It must have been years now, still, we love Kaalan . There are three reasons can be stated for this eternal love towards Kaalan.
1) That heavenly taste of Kaalan, while eating suda-suda.
2) For its affordable prize, even month ends never fail to eat them.
3) That one lovable smile from the Kaalan-Kadai Anna, whenever we meet him.

Also, Kaalan gives us many many memories within that short-eat time.

We would have waited to see our school crush, by standing casually in the Kaalan-Kadai.
Whenever we are outta hunger after school hours, Kaalan-Kadai will be our first choice.
Though you forget to bring money, Kaalan-Kadai Anna will say “Onum prechana ila thambi, next time varum podhu thaanga”

So all we wanna say is.. Don’t search for love, search for “Kaalan”. It will never ever disappoint you.


Jaya Priya Darsini
Priya loves experiencing and learning new things. she is good with content and creative. she is an Instagrammer.Also a script writer. we wish one day she becomes an amazing script writer. You can reach Priya at priya@awesomemachi.com

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