Kamal will not quit films says Thoongavanam director

Indian 2 is on the way. As promised at the end of the first part Indian 2 is finally in the making. It is one of the finest films in both Shankar and Kamal Hassan’s career as Kamal became a lone crusader against corruption. It is one of the most moving and hard-hitting movies on social justice with a shocking climax. Fate forces Senapathi to make a tough choice. He has to choose between his son and his country and he makes one of the toughest choices a father can make. Now all eyes are on Indian 2 to see what Kamal Hassan has in store for the sequel.

It will be interesting to see how the story travels after the death of the son. Shankar himself is fresh off the success of 2.0. So it will be interesting to see what he will bring to the Indian 2. The presence of eminent writer Sujatha will be greatly missed. Shankar and Sujatha were a terrific combo together. Indian 2 will be a perfect way to sign off his career as an actor for Ulaga Nayagan Kamal Hassan if the sequel meets the expectations. 2019 starts off with this wonderful sequel. Let’s hope for the best.

Kamal Hassan had yesterday made an announcement that his MNM party will contest alone without forming an alliance in all 40 constituencies in the upcoming Lok sabha elections, and for quite some time, it has been said that Kamal will be quitting movies after Indian 2. However, director Rajesh M Selva who had earlier made Thoongavanam with Kamal and currently making Kadaram Kondan in his production, revealed in a media interaction that he firmly believes Kamal wouldn’t have said that and it must have been the misconception by media. “He’ll be in cinema as it can’t be taken away from him, and even if he feels he can’t concentrate on acting and political career simultaneously, I have requested him to be in cinema atleast as a screenwriter” said Rajesh M Selva.


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