Karan Anna Reacts To His Trending Memes in Social Media

Karan Anna is the recent trending star on Social Media. Shroov has become a catchy word which is applicable for everything. Karan feels happy about the trending of Shroov and is even aware of the Shroov T-Shirts which are selling like hotcakes. He thanks his fans whom he calls brothers for all the love that they have showered on him, He even takes the Fast and Furious and Kadhal Mannan comparison very positively, He is mature enough to acknowledge the memes made on him. Karan Anna promises he will be back with a good quality project which wins the heart of the audience.

Karan says he will never stop trying to give his best by giving his fans good films. Being a part of good films has always been his intention right from Nammavar till now. He says he is on a break waiting for a good film and will soon be back with a film which will satisfy all his audience. His favourite actor is Kamal Hassan is his role model and he aspires to follow Kamal Hassan’s perfection. He says that there are plans to make Part 2 of some of his famous films depending on how the future opportunities unfold. He feels proud about acting with everyone.

He is even aware of video with Karan’s photo on the phone which prevents violence. He says that he is even learning from his fans. The video with Karan’s photo is his favourite so far. It actually made him laugh and gave him so much positivity. His adores sea food, especially fish. His favourite sport is Cricket and he loves Kabbadi as well, In fact, he is a kabaddi player, He comes across as a person who is content with what destiny has gifted. His favourite hangout spot is the now non-exsistent drive in Woodlands hotel.

His favourite dialogue is from Karuppusamy Kuthagaikarar. In fact, Karuppusamy Kuthagaikarrar is one of his favourite films because of the Madurai slang and the combination scenes with Vadivelu. In all, it looks like Karan Anna is all set for a grand comeback very soon and Karan Anna fans can’t wait for it.


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