KL Rahul is next Virat Kohli?

KL Rahul India’s newest prodigy has lit up this IPL with a bang. After years of promise IPL 2018 has been KL Rahul’s year of reckoning. A 50 which was timed at the speed of an express train. A temperament which matches the best in the business and shots which reflect the grace of an artist. That’s KL Rahul for you. The complete cricketer for all seasons. It is not for nothing that KL Rahul is touted to be the next Sachin Tendulkar. His range of shots is astonishing. He can shift gears like a chameleon in full flow according to the match situation.

He was, in fact, the Sachin Tendulkar of the 90’s in yesterday’s match against Mumbai the lone warrior in a losing cause. The joy of seeing him bat vanished when he fell just short on 94. He couldn’t finish the job. The team ended up on the losing side. The heart still hurts. The pain in his eyes as he got out. It still haunts. Fate is cruel. It was a case of so near yet so far but beyond that brief moment of pain, there is so much to cherish about KL Rahul. It is almost like watching an artist painting on the canvas.

Let’s go back, shall we? Finishing second best isn’t new to Rahul despite abundant talent isn’t new to Rahul. The day when Karun Nayar and KL Rahul recreated the debut of Ganguly and Dravid with a 300 and a 199. He just fell short of a 200 by just one run. Yesterday’s glorious 94 took me back to that fateful day. Maybe it’s the learning curve Rahul needs to march ahead in a glorious career. He will learn, he will evolve. He has time in his hands. For now, let’s celebrate the arrival of a young star who is going to shine brightly in the years ahead.


Salesh Dipak

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