Leading Ladies #5: Nayanthara – The Lady Super Star


The Glorious Start : It’s her power play and she’s one of those smashing starts which gives overnight stardom. The aura of man she is paired with spreads to her as well. Of course the accolades are reserved for her co-stars who have been there for a long time. But being paired opposite the superstar in your second Tamil film is no mean feat. It meant fame, visibility and popularity. The dream had just begun.

Obvious Choices : The first innings of her career was an interesting contrast to her first two films She became a favourite glamorous addition in so many films down south.

Perhaps these were obvious initial choices for an actress who aspired to rise to the top. But she became an irresistible constant in star films.

Rocking as the Glam Queen : More often than not we tend to undermine the diversion a heroine provides in the form of glamour but glamour if done well is a welcome relief even in bad films. Nayanthara had the looks, poise and the confidence to be the perfect glam queen. The odd character driven role would present itself once in a while but she was happy being glam queen for most of her first innings.

Sita : Her role as Sita in Rama Rajyam was the most important role in her career. There were so many things riding on the film. It was supposedly her last film and she was eager to make a lasting final Impression. And she surprised us in a soft, subtle and understated performance. The film also showed us how judgemental her society is when it comes to a woman. She received severe backlash for a perfectly sane career choice. Nayanthara as Sita was blasphemy for the crowd that was ready to pounce on her but instead of pulling her down it only paved the way for an extraordinary show of resilience from a wonderful woman.

The Personal Fall : Her personal choices let her down and she was being judged for it. Her trust was betrayed and her confidence was shaken but she wasn’t done yet. She was getting ready for a fresh start with greater resilience even as the odds were against her.

The Second Innings : It was all different this time. She was ready to mould herself both as a person and as an actress by being a part of heroine centric films. Trisha had to wait until Kodi, Jyothika had to wait for 8 years but for Nayanthara the opportunity presented itself. She became the go to person for all those creators yearning for the first big break. It was a win-win for both as the creator and the actress helped each other out. She has become a force to reckon with at the box office today.

An Extraordinary Woman: I find Nayathara the person fascinating more than Nayathara the actress. I absolutely adore her comeback from a personal perspective. Failed relationships, a very open love life in a society which is quick to judge. Yet she doesn’t give a damn. This is what I am. I don’t care what you think of me. No masks and no fear. It requires a certain courage to bare it all without fear.

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