Let’s stand up against Social Media Fake News Culture

Chennai and the coastal districts have been hit pretty hard in the wake of monsoons this year. But we feel that there is one more party we have to struggle against. The party which creates unwanted rumors about floods because of overflowing water in many parts of Chennai.

The dried up lakes of Chennai are getting water because of the floods. But official statistics from the Chennai Metropolitan Water Supply & Sewerage Board which is updated on a daily basis states that approximately only 20% of the Lakes’ capacity is filled.

This is from the Official Website. Kindly look at the status of the water.

We don’t know the clear intentions and motivations of these groups that create these fake forward messages. Why can’t they hold onto the series of fake news they spread about Severe Drought just days before these Showers?

We are all being hit by this huge wave of fake messages in our family Whatsapp groups, Comments Section of Facebook Posts and it is hard to convince people who share this message blindly. Such is the craft behind these Fake messages. Also the people who forward these messages belong to the Generation X or the Generation before that. Their exposure to Social Media is very different compared to ours. It is our indispensable duty to teach them to differentiate between these messages. Ofcourse, there are some people who can clearly identify these messages in the Age Group too.

Let’s stand against these fake messages. Let us not share any fake messages. If we spread the word and make people understand the fakeness in these messages, we can save so much trouble.

Our sincere thanks to anyone who is trying to put an end to these messages. Special Mention to a regional Facebook Page called  Youturn  and our very own Tamil Nadu Weatherman for helping the people differentiate the true messages among the fake.





Barath Pandian
Barath belongs from the art department. He is super good with content. He loves experiencing and gaining knowledge. He is good with debate and extremely good with humour. He loves travelling. We wish one day he becomes a Travel journalist. You can reach Barath at barath@awesomemachi.com

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