Lord Yamraj teaches safety awareness on Bengaluru roads

We are all afraid of Yamaraj aren’t we ? So the police has ensured that Yamaraj chases the common man if the traffic rules are broken. One traffic police has dressed up as Yamaraj and chased the public if they break the rules he will chase them down and punish them.

Looks like a mythological fantasy right but sometimes we need such things to make people a little more cautious and responsible for there are so many unwanted accidents if the rules aren’t followed. This Yamaraj’s rules were simple you follow the rules or else I will visit your home.

The Halasuru Gate traffic police roped in Yamaraja as their brand ambassador to drive home the message of the dangers of not wearing a helmet, driving recklessly and other violations. Just imagine a scenario where this is implemented everywhere, Sounds funny and scary at the same time. It is always easier to follow the rules than to break it. If you follow the rules it is good for everyone on the road and we can also escape unwanted accidents and heavy fines. Everything is for our own good and our own safety. The sooner we realize it the better for us..


Salesh Dipak

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