Maddy, Maddy, Oh Oh Maddys!

I am sure you would have heard the song, but now we are talking about the Maddys 2018!

Did you just hear that?

Maybe in Minnale it was a rival between Rajiv Samuel and Rajesh Subramaniam to win Reena Joseph. But here we are talking about the real rival between advertising companies to win Maddys 2018!

Maddys Madras Advertising Club Awards – An event for the advertisers, by the advertisers, to celebrate advertising. Maddy’s Pencil has been awarded in recognition of exceptional work in the highest order of creativity.

By creativity, they are not just recognising campaigns and brochures but memes, display banner ads as well.

They have a list of categories to enter into different groups of awards.
Group 1. Print, Radio and TVC or digital.
Group 2. Media Agnostic
Integrated Campaigns
Media Awards
Best use of Integrated Media

The break down of these categories are clearly mentioned on the website.Other rules and regulations are also put up on the website. last date for the entries is 13th March 2018.

It is simply an Extravaganza for the Extraordinary! Celebrating those who went the extra mile, worked the extra hours, put the extra effort to create the extraordinary. Those extras don’t go unnoticed not with your work; not with Maddys. The event is happening on March 31, 2018, at ITC Grand Chola!

Maddys 2018 Entry


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