Maksuda teaches us the essence of love!


Everyone loves their special ones and they do miss their loved ones. The only happiness they get in life is when they talk to their loved ones. A family will stay and support each other no matter where life takes a new twist. In fact in a family even when one person misses that’s when you actually feel the importance of that person. Here is the story of Maksuda who teaches us the real essence of the meaning love.


I did not feel like going to work one day. My husband took a lot of time to return from the bazaar. He brought a big fish and a lot of vegetables. When I saw all that, I got mad at him and asked about why he had spent so much money unnecessarily. He just laughed and asked me to cook some fresh food. I was already late for work. Yet, I cooked the fish with a lot of spices. We have a daughter and a son. Our daughter loved her father blindly. She was pressuring me to give two pieces of the fish to her father. That was one of the most memorable mornings we have ever had. That moment, I had no idea within a few hours our life would change completely. When I was coming to work, my husband secretly told me that he will buy a new dress for me. I reminded him that it was very important to save money for our children. But he reminded me that I should take care of myself no matter what.

I was in the middle of my work when my neighbor arrived to take me home. My son had a fever so I got scared when my neighbor arrived, fearing that something bad may have happened to him. I asked him if he called my husband too. My neighbor did not respond. I ran to my home and saw a crowd gathered around my house. My husband’s dead body of my husband was covered. He was in a road accident earlier that day. No one even let us see his face.

It’s been a year and I never cooked fish again. Only sometimes when I do cook curry, I feel my husband is asking me to give a lot of spice in it. I miss him every moment of my life even though he is gone. I want to tell him that I am not able to take care of myself on my own. I badly want to erase every day of my life when he is not present. But I have to work for my children. My daughter looks exactly like my husband. Often times when I miss my husband a lot, I ask my daughter to smile. And when she does so, I can see my husband smiling at me.

– Maksuda (30)

Source Credit: GMB Akash

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Heena Bhatt

Heena took journalism in college, is highly proficient in the language .she pays keen attention to the issues taking place in and around to bring it out to her audience. she is an ardent reader which makes her all the more informative about the current affairs. we wish one day she makes it big in journalism. You can reach heena at


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