Match Time Munchies – A delightful combo of food and Cricket

Gold Winner, a renowned Sunflower Oil Brand from Chennai has been known for its superior quality products for over 4 decades now. As we all know Gold Winner has reached the far ends of the country and many parts of the globe with their product range. Recently, Gold Winner collaborated with Awesome Machi, a social media platform for its IPL Season Social Media Campaign titled “Match Time Munchies” which consists of a series of cooking videos. These videos crisply showed the audience, recipes of snack items that are easy to cook in order to promote eating home cooked meals over ordering food or eating out.

As the campaign is just in time for the IPL Season in India, the dishes are titled with names relating to cricket like, “Off-spin Omelette, Powerplay Pani Puris, etc.,” in order to engage with the audience that dedicatedly watches these matches. What makes the Match Time Munchies Campaign different is the length of the videos. Unlike normal cooking videos that go for 15 to 20 minutes, the procedure in Match Time Munchies has a prep-time average of 2 to 3 minutes.

These videos are posted on different social media platforms of both Awesome Machi and Gold Winner. Ideally, each of the videos is posted few hours before a Chennai Super Kings Match begins. The idea behind this we have figured out is that the audience can easily cook these simple and interesting recipes before the match begins and enjoy it throughout the match.

The videos are shared through the Official Whatsapp Handle of Awesome Machi as stories and links among the Whatsapp Followers Base too.

The cooking video series is created by famous Food Bloggers in association with Gold Winner and Awesome Machi and are republished by these influencers to reach out to the relevant audience.

The cooking video series is supported by Meme Videos that are posted at the right moments to keep the buzz active about the campaign.

Match Time Munchies will go on until the end of the IPL Season introducing more food bloggers and many more interesting recipes.


Praveen Rcf

Praveen is an amazing person who manages the overall activities of the brand Awesome Machi. He is an engineer by degree but also has thorough knowledge about the Social Media functioning. He is a strong ground in languages Tamil. we wish one day he becomes a Tamil script writer. You can reach Praveen at

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