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    Technology has changed the world. But as usual, it brings goodness and badness. It makes everything looks easier, including in communication. No matter how far you are, thanks to app advertising you can still communicate with your family or your friends. Distance between people around the world is getting shorter. But in the other side, technology also makes people more fragile. The modern people expose their private information to the cloud. Even worse, the most of them do it without thinking about the risks. In communication, security is getting so much attention right now. Some people realize their text or voice call is not 100% safe. And fortunately, technology gives the solution. If you really care about security, you may need to change your messaging apps with these secure apps.


    This is a free app that available for iOS and Android. To secure the messages, it uses the well-known cryptographic libraries such as OTR, XMPP and Tor. Private communication is something that you will get for sure. With this app, you can also communicate with the other app users. As long as the app users support the same protocol, you can reach them.

    Silent Circle

    If you need a secure messaging app and a secure voice app separately, Silent Circle can be a good choice. For the text based communication, you can take Silent Text. And for the secure voice and video communication, Silent Phone is the answer. Both of them are available for iOS and Android. Unlike the other messaging app, Silent Circle allows the users to call non-users with secure. All communication will be encrypted, this is why it will be perfect for professional who really need a secure communication. As a professional tool, Silent Circle is available as a paid app with $12.99 a month as the started plan. With the different plan, you will get the different monthly minutes for non-members calls.


    WhisperSystems is available in the different secure apps to deliver the specific service such as text based communication and voice based communication. The app name for the iOS version and Android version is also different. For the Android smartphone, it has TextSecure and Red Phone. And for the iOS platform, they have Signal. Interestingly, Red Phone and TextSecure have been integrated with the Android operating system. When you call another user of Red Phone, the call will be encrypted automatically. The same thing also happens on the TextSecure app. But on the iOS platform, you will not get this integration as well as on the Android platform.


    Although this app is not as secure as Chat Secure, Silent Circle or Whisper Systems, iMessage is still much better than the other messaging apps such as Blackberry Messenger, Skype and Viber. On security, it is also a little bit better than Faacebook Chat, SnapChat and WhatsApp. Unfortunately, iMessage is only available for iOS platform. Android users cannot use this app just yet. But as the alternative, you can pick Chat Secure, Silent Circle or Whisper Systems as your serious communication app. With those apps, at least you can be safer from privacy threats.