• Geoffrey Ownby posted an update 1 month, 3 weeks ago

    Advanced Usage of USB Pen Drive Applications

    With the constant move toward portability, seamless connectivity, security and cloud computing, computer geeks and businessmen are not the only people who need to have a portable device for their specialty applications to run from, by the way if you need you can get reviews for your app and save your time. More and more the layman is looking for ways to utilize technology and I’d like to show this in a list of programs which can be installed to any supported USB storage device – I think you will find both interesting if not useful.

    A Portable Operating System – A number of operating systems have been made highly transferable. Admittedly the first time you go to setup this it is a bit daunting even for someone like me with some geek know how! Operating systems that are relatively easy for you to install include Linux distributions, Ubuntu have made a USB Pen Drive guide which Close-up of a USB driveis very easy to follow. Others like Windows XP and Mac OSX are possible but require more effort and are not always technically legal to use.
    Personal Computer Security – Did you know that a USB device can be utilized as a security device which will lock your computer screen when you are not using the computer? Amazingly programs like Predator can perform this valuable function. If your authenticated USB pen is not plugged in then the computer will stay locked.
    File Back Up – Our most vitally important files are on our computers, Microsoft has released a tool named SyncToy which can automate the back-up process for your important files and documents. When the computer and USB are connected the process begins.
    Ready Boost – Ready Boost is built into recent Windows operating systems. You may see it when you connect a USB device, a message will pop up under the auto run menu, prompting your action. Essentially your USB pen drive will help to speed up your computer by using it in a similar way to your computers RAM.
    Recovery Discs – You can write recovery data to a USB rather than a CD or DVD; a good option in my opinion as all my discs send up getting battered and scratched, then stop working!
    Encryption – We all have something sensitive on our computers whether it is work documents or downloaded bank statements. There is a scurry of software which offer equivalent to military grade encryptions for your personal files upon the USB pen drive.
    These are but a few samples of some really advanced software that you can get a hold of. One of the best things about this list is that they are all pretty much free and really useful. A simple search on the Internet will reveal a world of advance programs you can install easily to your very own USB pen drive.