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    Thank you again for taking the time to read another edition of Great Video Game Ideas Not Used. This edition is going to continue my talk and practice of game radio situations, but it will also cover the Wii U. The game radio practice edition for this article, play casino canada Up and Coming . Before I get to the demonstration, as always, I’m asking that you support Orange Lounge Radio, an internet based video game radio station, as well as Chatterbox Radio, which airs Tuesday Nights at Midnight in Phoenix Arizona on the 1100 AM dial. Chatterbox is also simulcast on the net as well, so you don’t have to live in Phoenix to show your support. I’ll say it again, I’m not affiliated with either, but I’m all for the movement of game radio. And without further adieu I present to you…Up and Coming .

    Hello and thank you for listening in to Up and Coming , this is your gracious host, Andre Ratchford. Today I’d like to cover a gaming console that is to hit the retail market next, the successor to the Nintendo Wii, the Wii U. Now there’s been a lot of speculation about this system before it’s debut at E3 (Electronic Entertainment Expo). One of those things is the addition of Blu-Ray. I’d like to say this now to anyone who may listen, Blu-Ray is owned by Sony. There’s not much of a chance that they would give Blu-Ray to a competing company. This much I had concluded even before Wii U was announced.

    With that aside, I’m very much looking forward to this console’s release. Sadly, that probably won’t be until at least mid 2012. There are quite a few things that we do know about this console, and yet even more that we don’t know. For the things that we are aware of, the Wii U won’t be using Blu-Ray or even HD DVD, but a new high-density proprietary disc which I assume to be developed by Nintendo. It is also going to be completely backwards compatible with all of the Wii games and peripherals. Wii U games will also have support for the Wii peripherals as well. We know it will have a touch screen controller that will allow players to take their game from the television screen to the controller itself and continue to play, being the situation that the TV becomes unavailable. And last but not least, we know that the Wii U will be an HD console, bringing Nintendo into the HD era. There will no longer be the need for friend codes which will hopefully bring more core gamers back to the fold.

    Now the questions that I have, and that I’m sure others are thinking about or asking. What will the connectivity be between the Wii U and the 3DS? What will be the connectivity between the Wii U Controller and the 3DS? Will there be any focus on user created content? Will players be able to use more than one Wii U Controller per Console? And if that is true, then would that mean that up to 8 players could play the same game on the same console at the same time? What games will be available at launch? Not just the projected to be available. And the most important thing to gamers alike, how much will the console costs?