Menopause – physiological imbalances: Struggles of a woman after the age of 40

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With the passing years, a woman faces different phases from childhood to adulthood. Her body undergoes various changes. From attaining puberty to pregnancy, she goes through the emotional roller coaster. Thus at each stage, psychological stress tags to one’s self. The fear is what the major concern. – Fear of accepting herself and her changes! One such phase is Menopause, where a woman loses her reproductivity. I.e her ovaries can produce eggs no more. This is not an illness, not a disease either. It’s just a normal phenomenon of aging that happens to women. And On average, menopause occurs between 47 and 53 years.

Though she gets relieved from the monthly period cramps and she has no need to worry on remembering the dates, she faces other difficulties. There are certain subthreshold response in form fear and loss of reproductive life to no more ability to reproduce and a feeling of loss of femininity. This is due to social and cultural variations. Even today, among tribes, a long reproductive age period is desired on the cultural belief that this will lead to a large family size that is considered as a symbol of success. Apart from this, she faces severe mood swings and depression whilst she undergoes various family-related issues. In some women, these symptoms start 5 to 10 years before the menopause. This refers to perimenopause, i.e the transition begins several years before menopause.

At times, there are some physical difficulties she endures due to menopause. Being tired throughout the day, heavy sweats, vaginal dryness, disturbed sleep, and insomnia are some of such difficulties. Weight gain is another insult to the injury. Many women gain weight due to declining estrogen levels. At this stage, maintain regular exercises. As this would not only help you to manage your weight but also benefits your heart and bones. Also, exercise relaxes and help improve your mood. Make sure you take a balanced diet, especially the low-sugar diet.

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