AR Murugadoss Issue Official Clarification

The Sarkar controversy is finally over. After a zig-zag battle where each both A.R Murugadoss and Varun Rajendran have claimed that the story was their own. It has finally come to an amicable solution between the two creators. The following message will reportedly be displayed for 30 seconds after the thanks card appears in Sarkar. Speaking to the media, Varun said that his intention was not to get the film banned but to make sure he got his due credits.

“I am very happy that they’re validating my contribution. I dedicate my story to Vijay and SA Chandrasekar sir’s family,” he said. The exact terms of this agreement are yet to be revealed.

A. R Murugadoss was accused of plagiarizing the story of his assistant director Varun Rajendran. Varun had first approached the Film Writers Association and then filed a case with the Madras High Court to stall the release of the film until he receives a compensation of 30 Lakhs and the due credits for the story. The response is awaited from the producers and the directors of the film. The case will be heard again on October 30th. Incidentally, this is not the first time that A.R Murugadoss has been accused of plagiarism. His Ghajini is inspired by Christopher Nolan and Gopi Nainar who debuted Aramm had claimed that Kaththi was his story. This went on for some time until he bounced back with Aramm. Varun had stated that Murugadoss’s Vijay starrer Sarkar’s story is a copy of his work titled ‘Sengol’ which he had registered with the Writer’s Union in 2007. He also alleged that Murugadoss had made a few changes to his story to pass it off as his own.

Sarkar is one film all Vijay fans are eagerly waiting for. The anticipation for Sarkar is very high since it’s Vijay’s Diwali release. All of Vijay’s Diwali releases so far have been blockbusters. And it is also the third outing between Vijay and ARM who are looking for a hat-trick.


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