Must Watch Malayalam movies : Thondimuthalum Driksakshiyum

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As kids we all go through that phase where parents tell us do what is right and for a while we actually grow up believing that we can be morally right all the time. But as we grow up the lines blur as the real world surprises us with shades of grey. Dileesh Pothen grabs hold of that thin line between black and white to give us a tale of a few ordinary individuals who are trying to wriggle out of a flawed system. Dileesh Pothen’s strength’ is the way he absorbs the atmosphere around his artists to amplify his narration. He uses the atmosphere as a gateway which connects the audience and his artists. They are all mirror images of their flawed system at one point or the other.

The excitement lies in not being able to take sides at all. The third eye remains a neutral observer throughout the narration empathizing with each character at various points in the narration. It is easy to see why most of us empathize with the events unfolding on screen. The characters are a representation of what we are. The action points oscillate between desperation and perseverance. Again it becomes extremely difficult to decode and segregate the two traits. But the best part of the film is the way Dileesh uses Fahad Fassil eyes to evoke empathy. Though the screen is filled with good actors Fahad Fassil stands out.

He is a chameleon on screen with his remarkable ability to transform with subtle changes in body language. The switch in this character’s emotions is almost invisible. In hindsight simple living is an exception in today’s world. We have outgrown that phrase to embrace the mad rush of the herd. Thondimuthalum is a very strong statement which forces us to pause and take note of where we are and what we have become. Maybe it’s time to appreciate the beauty that lies within the shades of grey instead of yearning for black and white. This movie is available on Hotstar.

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