The Name says it all Bharathi: Fights against Sexism in cinemas


Ramya  Bharathi IPS officer and SP of Coimbatore had raised her voice and spoke about the influence of cinema as a major factor in crimes against women along with her colleagues S Lakshmi (DCP, Coimbatore city) and Disha Mittal (DCP, Tiruppur city).  Finally, Someone had taken a step forward to stop and supporting this the three woman police officers through a video made by Covai Post, appealing the Actors, Filmmakers,  and the audience to not promote violence against women.

“I was having a cup of coffee with my friend when she played some songs. Some of those lyrics were so vulgar. We started talking about the way in which films portray women and that’s how we ended up doing the video. These filmmakers think that this is what sells, they believe people’s tastes to be so low but it’s not true. They make films like this and start a trend. That’s when we decided to put up our collective opinion.” SP Ramya Bharathi said.

She is strictly against from accepting that movies run firmly based on violating women. “We’re dealing with these situations in real time on a day to day basis. How much movies have impacted youngsters, college and school kids – we’re able to see for real. From the worst cases of violence to more subtle ones, there is an influence,” says Ramya.

Although when there is the discussion on the influence of cinema against women taking place, also there are so many people who defend and denies the truth that there is no enough research to support this problem.

But when they actually went and investigated about this they did not blame anyone as accused and they blame anyone for following for that particular hero.

She motivates women Actors saying that women in any field want to reach out the public with an inspirational message, but supporting this kind of movies is not right She also appeals to female actors to stand against these films. Ramya said “What they say and what they do really reach the audience. When you have such an influence, why do you show women in such a derogatory way? Why use such filthy language? Your entertainment can be clean and decent. The reason why the video got such a response is because a lot of people endorse our view. There are very few films that you can watch as a family these days. Even on TV, you can’t watch a film without an item song in between.”

She does not end with this but she adds that there are some problems: “This is a very pertinent question. Sometimes, the police do go overboard. But we have taken steps to ensure that the victim’s dignity is protected properly. In many cases, we got to know that complaints don’t come to us mainly because they feel they will not get proper treatment in the police station or after that.” and she also adds another fact that women everywhere should be measures taken to safeguard  the interests of the victims in such cases: “These days we have victim counselling, specific experts who’re attached to the department and deal with crimes against women and children in as sensitive a way as possible, crimes against women are recorded only in all women’s police station and these officers are sensitized – they have a counsellor, too. It’s not handled like an ordinary complaint. We maintain anonymity – officers who handle such crimes are given periodical training on how to handle these complaints.”

Source credits: The News Minute

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Heena Bhatt

Heena took journalism in college, is highly proficient in the language .she pays keen attention to the issues taking place in and around to bring it out to her audience. she is an ardent reader which makes her all the more informative about the current affairs. we wish one day she makes it big in journalism. You can reach heena at


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