New Trend: Uncensored TV Shows

There’s a new trend in Tamil television these days. Gone are the days when television was filled with tons and tons of mega serials. Almost all of these serials revolved around illicit relationships or excess melodrama.

Now the Tamil television scene is completely different. Glamour is the new in thing. Gramathil Oru Naal, Village to Villa, Ready Steady Po. All these programs have one thing in common – Excess Glamour.

These programs cleverly bypass censors by making glamour seem like an accidental by product of the events conducted. But the intention of the show is only glamour.

The glamour that is shown in these shows is excess clevage fest and skin shows. And it is extremely cringe worthy to see television stoop to a new low.

I can tolerate if there is a censorship in television but there’s absolutely no censorship or proper time slot for such shows. For the adults this might be titillating entertainment and there’s the option of self censorship but kids being exposed to such shows is just not right.

Hopefully this glamour cycle ends soon and we go back to the days of progressive shows.


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