New Year miracle-Baby boy survives 36 hours under rubble at -24 degree Celsius

2019 started on a grim note for residents of Magnitogorsk,a Russian town 1700 km east of Moscow.An accidental gas leak partially collapsed a building damaging 48 apartments of a five -storeyed building.40 people are believed to have been trapped inside the building rubble and 7 are presumed dead .The incident happened around 6 am in the morning, while the residents were still asleep. Amidst this disheartening news,the news of a little baby boy Ivan aged 11 months being pulled out of the rubble alive has been making rounds. In what can be called as a ‘New Year miracle’ little Ivan was pulled out of the rubble after being stuck inside for 36 hours,at a freezing temperature of -24 degree Celsius.

Rescuers first heard his faint cries upon which they stopped all the running rescue equipments.His cries then became louder and after long hours they located him with the help of a search dog.Thousands gathered around the scene and emotions were running high when the baby was pulled out alive. However little Ivan’s condition is extremely critical and his chances of survival are pretty slim.He has been diagnosed with an internal head injury, hypothermia and frostbite.He was immediately flown down to a hospital in Moscow and his condition was stable on arrival.The fate of this miracle survivor is yet to be seen.

Meanwhile firefighters have been racing against time trying to save the lives of those trapped.The extremely low temperatures has made the rescue operations even harder.


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