NGO AWARE helps teenagers get out of their shell

Monday, August 28.08.2917.

Tamil Nadu: Chennai based NGO ‘AWARE’ which is two and a half years old initiated an order to spread awareness of child sexual abuse (CSA). ‘AWARE’ was started by youngsters for the same cause and educates children and adults on prevention of child sexual abuse. The founder of AWARE is Mr. Sandhiyan Thilagavathy, he started it off with eight other people Abdul Rahman, Akash Madhi, Arun Datchan, Deepa Rajagopal, Kannammai, Kavitha, Krishna Priya and Rajesh. As a part of ‘AWARE’, they also initiated a website to help teenagers through Sarahah. Sarahah is an anonymous messaging service. Through this, anyone can register and they are provided with the link, later anyone can login into the link and send their response. So the volunteers help the victims know the solution without judging them.

Mr. Rajesh told AMNews, “The NGO was started to advocate their Rights through Equality. AWARE gives you awareness on Women’s rights and legal provisions that they can advocate.” Later, they went on to start, “Save the smile” under AWARE and this was started on November 19, 2016, the world day for the Prevention of Child Abuse. Mr. Rajesh also adds,” Around 70%- 80% child sexual abuse happen because of known people and not unknown people”. They are currently working on many schools and other social places to educate parents and other people to know about this issue.


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