Nirbhaya’s mother Asha Devi not giving up at all!

If you had wondered what Nirbhaya went through was dreadful, what her family is going through to get justice is never the less!

Nirbhaya’s mother Asha Devi was recently in Bengaluru to give away Nirbhaya Awards to women achievers. She said what happened on the tragic night of December 16th, 2012 will forever be hurting our hearts, but nothing ever since has changed in terms of women’s safety in the country.

When questioned why is she still running around courts, she said there cannot be any bigger crime than what her daughter went through, but she is hopeful that justice will be served. When that will happen is a big doubt!

She also said that the entire world raised voice for Nirbhaya and that’s why she feels like fighting against crimes against women till her last breath.


Swetha Ganesh

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