Now I act to live, act to love, act to smile: Punom

Everyone in life has twist and turns but certain people smile and face the obstacles and certain people just live for the heck of it. However, in today’s generation, everyone has forgotten the real essence of living for each other and the essence of love and support to your partner. Life doesn’t stop when obstacles come your way! but to fight with pride and handle the situation right way. Here is the story of  Punom who just lives her life like a stranger to herself but every day she tries to fight in the right path.

I cannot remember my life rightly. Many many years ago, I took a train. I had no idea where the train was going or where I wanted to go. But I badly wanted to move with the running train, to give all my pains a chance for going afar from me. I wanted to forget that I had a home and that was taken by another woman. And when the train took me far away from everything I stopped crying for forever. Only sometimes I felt helpless to see myself dying and I wanted to take the pride to save my existence. After thirteen years of marriage, an unknown woman claimed me that my husband was not happy with me and she provided happiness for my husband for many years as a lover. I did not respond to any of them. All I felt was a shame. At that moment, I had nothing left to fight. Because I got to know all those years, I was not able to give happiness to the person who was my world. I only gave him my life, my soul, my heart, my honesty but not happiness. Then what was my point of staying to disturb some happy people? Isn’t everyone deserves to stay with the people they love? I willingly got lost in a running train, knowing well no one is going to look for me. But still now whenever someone calls me and asks me from where I have come, I feel a rush of my blood. In a hidden corner of my heart, I want them to tell me that they know my husband and he is searching for me. It had never happened and never will. I do not cry but I just feel damage all the time. He took out all the love from my heart and I am incapable even of looking at anyone else. Now I act to live, act to love, act to smile. Every day I live like a stranger to me. And I only know in this loveless world, I have no place to go.

– Punom

Source credit: GMB Akash


Heena Bhatt

Heena took journalism in college, is highly proficient in the language .she pays keen attention to the issues taking place in and around to bring it out to her audience. she is an ardent reader which makes her all the more informative about the current affairs. we wish one day she makes it big in journalism. You can reach heena at

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