Petta: A tribute to Vintage Rajini

Petta – Finally the much awaited Pongal release is here. We see the superstar in action in a chirpy revenge saga. First things first it is almost a perfect Rajini film. I say almost because there is always that feeling that the movie could have been much better especially with a director like Karthik Subburaj. Subburaj takes the responsibility of delivering a pitch perfect fan boy tribute with an ensemble of charming Kollywood Stars. It is almost like Karthik Subburaj has assembled the who’s who of Kollywood and Bollywood to circle around the aura of Rajinikanth. And the man delivers with ease.

Pros : Rajnikanth Rajnikanth and more Rajinikanth. Karthik Subburaj brings back the Rajnikanth we adored way back in the 90’s and the 69 year old kid does everything expected out of a star. You won’t even believe that he is 69 year old. There’s so much joy in celebrating the Rajini we all loved. Another major plus is Anirudh. He complements Rajnikanth with his energetic tunes. Whenever the film lags Anirudh and Rajnikanth combine to lift it up. The visuals are stunning as Karthik Subburaj and the DOP give us some stunning frames. The mass moments too work big time to send the fans into celebratory mode.

Cons : The length of the film is a major problem. It goes on and on before and after the conflict point. In fact the conflict is dated and mirrors the revenge sagas we used to see in the 90’s. There is absolutely no emotional connect as the focus is primarily on presenting Superstar in a mass avatar. Almost all the stars appear in blink and miss roles especially Simran and Trisha. Atleast Simran has a song. Maybe that is the primary reason we don’t connect with the characters at any point.

Overall Summary : A celebration of mass Rajinikanth that could have been better.

Ticket Summary : 90/120


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