Ph.D. student’s invention – Sanitary napkins made out of traditional natural products with health benefits for women

In an ongoing debate about the use of plastics one issue which has been relatively overlooked is the use of plastic napkins. For years , there are has been a significant amount of controversy regarding its health effects as well as it’s disposal. Made of polymer, and treated with chlorine plastic napkins have been found to cause a range of skin problems. In a solution to this, a PhD student of Anna University, Preethi Ramdass has come up with a natural napkin.

Made of tumeric, lemon, neem and vetiver (a grass) this napkin is 100% biodegradable and also totally hygienic. The antibacterial properties of this napkin are a added advantage. With a thickness of just 3 mm these are not only comfortable to wear but also have better absorbance capacity. Having cellulose as base material, these napkins have a lifetime of one month. This napkin has even been tested and has been found to be effective.

In her interview Preethi observes “I have always been a nature-loving person and when I thought about PhD I wanted to work on something that would be useful to women keeping the nature in mind. This was a result of that.” More power to this girl!


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