Poyyamozhi justifies his name, returns lost 5 lakhs to owner

Poyyamozhi a porter who resides in Saidapet has once again proved that humanity is still relevant. On the first of this month, he had gotten hold of a bag lost by one of the passengers named Palani. The passenger had money worth 5 lakh Seven Thousand five hundred in the bag. Though Poyyamozhi was living on modest wages he didn’t feel like taking the money with him. He returned the lost bag to the railway police who located Palani and returned the bag to him Palani met him in person to thank him and offered him money as a token of gratitude but Poyyamozhi refused to accept the money and only had a cup of tea offered by Palani as a token of love.

Poyyamozhi who was named by Periyar is an epitome of honesty even at the age of 54. He values his honesty more than money. He values the principles of idol Periyar. He says that he has always been returning things lost by passengers and it is no big deal. It is only because of the surge of the internet such small good deeds are known to the world. The railway department has awarded him for his honesty. Poyyamozhi lives his name by being truthful and honest.


Salesh Dipak

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