Ranjith and his love stories

There is something very unique about Pa Ranjith’s love stories. They are not fairy tales. There’s a bit of everyone of us in the stories that Pa Ranjith chooses to tell. He chooses random beautiful moments to showcase the greatness of love. Take Madras for example, you don’t see Anbu and Mary break out into a song. But you see them romancing on a random day when Kaali visits them. That’s all there is to it. Simple, precise and beautiful.

Even in the case of Kaali and Kalaiarasi the audience is not burdened with pages and pages of love dialogues. The moments are tender yet soul-stirring. Kalaiarasi is very assertive about what she wants from her man. Thankfully the assertiveness is not in your face and fussy. It is like the early morning dewdrop which brushes your face.

In Kabali and Kumudhavalli’s love episode, Pa Ranjith deftly places years of anguish in a single scene. The lost and found fable which we have heard over the years has never been this deep. Kumudhavalli breaks down and even we are moved despite our efforts to hold back. When you have a good love story to tell you don’t have to do too much. Just simple emotions would do just fine, “Un Karupa eduthu poosikanum” the says to show the depth of her love. It is the cinematic equivalent of I will embrace you for what you are.

And then we have Kaala, Selvi and Zareena. The idea of three individuals embracing love towards the fag end of their life itself is fascinating. The insecurity, the jealousy and the abundant love they have for their man is all there as a part of their everyday existence. Smaller moments of magic and bliss. Smaller moments of reassurance that repeatedly tell us that love is one beautiful definite emotion.

Thank you, Ranjith for showing us that doesn’t have to be exaggerated fairytales.


Salesh Dipak

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