Reasons Why “Curd Rice” Is Better Than Bae!

Curd Rice or as it is popularly known in Tamil Nadu Thaiyir Sadam is the one lovable remedy for all our hunger needs. The word “curd” in Indian English refers to unsweetened probiotic yogurt. It is very popular in the Indian states of Tamil Nadu, Karnataka, Telangana and Andhra Pradesh. If you are someone who has spends more time away from home then curd rice is your saviour. For students who had spend most of their lives in hostel curd rice is a boon. It is offered as ‘prasadam’ (blessed food) to devotees in temples. Here this is called by a different name ‘dadhiannam.

While it is most easily prepared by simply mixing steamed white rice and yogurt, more elaborate methods can be used when needed. Rice is steamed so it breaks down into nearly a paste. It is then allowed to cool to room temperature, after which it is seasoned with finely chopped green chillies, ginger, and curry leaves, and sometimes along with the tadka of urad dal, mustard seeds, cumin seeds, and asafoetida. Finally, milk, yogurt, and salt are added.

Alternatively, it can be prepared by mashing cooked plain rice (mostly leftovers) with some salt, yogurt and (a bit of milk to lessen the sour flavor of yogurt or to stop it from souring too much) garnishing it with fried urad dal, mustard seeds, green chilli and chopped cilantro. Also, adding a few chopped onions in bigger slices will help the curd rice from fermenting when required to be preserved.

There is nothing more soothing for a hungry stomach than curd rice. Curd rice with pickle is an evergreen combination. Sometimes we often refer to meek people as Thayir Sadam but in reality Thayir Sadam is the perfect fit for all situations. Your food is pathetic. No worries. You have curd rice. You are ill. No worries . You have curd rice. If you have digestion issues curd rice is your solution. Even in temples curd rice finds a place. Easy to prepare and easy to eat.


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