Poll: RJ Balaji Entering Politics? If Yes, Will You Support RJ Balaji?

RJ Balaji – A man of many avatars RJ, comedian, movie review, social activist and so on. We have all seen him in different roles. Now we have a flag which has paved the way for so many speculations. Is he into politics? Is it a movie? Or is he indicating something else? Let’s take a look.

For someone who started off as a popular RJ. He quickly identified himself as a social activist by actively voicing out on social issues whenever he had to. His role during the Jallikattu protest is not easily forgotten. He was often seen as a reflection of the collective voice of the common man. Someone who could represent the common public as one among them.

But he took a diversion and settled as a comedian in cinema. A very good one at that often stealing the show as the hero’s friend. He was the saving grace in numerous bad films as well. So this flag comes as a surprise. That too with a Jallikattu Bull as a symbol in a hilarious modification of the Kenyan Flag.

With so many people entering politics after Jayalalitha’s demise. Is RJ Balaji going to jump into politics as well, Even Julie has given hints about jumping into politics. Of course, anyone has the right to try their hand at politics. But why the sudden increase in the number of tryouts?

RJ Balaji met vaiko and Naajil Sampath recently.

Will RJ Balaji jump into politics? What do you think? Will he be a good politician or a bad one? If he does come into politics what would you expect of him? Comment your thoughts…


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