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Sun Pictures Production Sarkar is Vijay’s Diwali blockbuster release. It was a perfect treat for Vijay fans. Sarkar was an out and out showcase of Vijay’s heroism and the fans loved it as a good festival offering, But as always there was opposition. This time the opposition was from the state government. The ministers of the state government demanded the removal of key scenes from the movie claiming that those scenes were a direct reference to former CM Jayalalitha and were spoiling the image of the ruling state government. There was also outrage from the ministers for using the name Komalavali which was the actual name of former CM Jayalalitha.

There were protests outside theatres where the party members burnt posters and banners which left the creators of Sarkar with very little option but to delete the supposedly controversial scenes. This has made the fans angry. Even the film fraternity has come out in Sarkar with top stars like Rajinikanth and Kamal Hassan have come out in support of Sarkar. They have said deletion of scenes after censoring is curbing of creative freedom. A lot of film personalities have come out in support of Sarkar and tweeted in favour of Sarkar.

Now the fans are not to be left behind. They are raising their voice against the deletion of key scenes by tweeting #SarkarPuratchiArambam. The fans are voicing their displeasure through this hashtag. We just hope this will help in watching the film without any deletion. If we bow down to the opposition every time we make a film this will curb the creative freedom of the creators every single time. No one should be denied their freedom of expression. Every creator has the freedom to create what he wants without hindrance. Only when there is creative freedom we can make good socially relevant films.

Let’s be the difference and make a change by tweeting #SarkarPuratchiArambam on twitter. Let’s stand together for Namma Sarkar.


Salesh Dipak

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