Scared of change? New school, college or going to a new city for job?

Fasten your seat belts, OH sorry put your helmet on!

Scared of going to a new place to study or take up a new job that you love just because you scared that things will change around you? It may not be such huge changes, just maybe something like sitting at home after a very long time!

For all these years, having a group of friends at school or at college, we would have never thought for a second that we are going to a new society or group when we are ready to make the next move in our life let it be studying abroad or taking up a job in a new city. Often I find this fear of change stops us from doing what we really want to do.

Surprises always await you when you arrive in a new place. People may walk and talk quickly, your mom might call you 700 times a day, your boyfriend might dump you not being able to handle long distance, your best friends will get better friends or to put it in a right way – your best friends will become strangers and some strangers become friends! (Yeah, life does seem like a little adventure know?!)

Yes, it is normal to feel anxious and uncomfortable in the beginning and accept that it is just a natural stage in cultural adaptation. And trust me most of us would fear this ambiguous term called “change”, because we never know what it brings to us. We may also fear that we would change into a different person and lose our culture or upbringing. Studies do show that it is impossible to lose our culture and upbringing and in fact learning about a new culture, people or experiences increases the ability to evolve as a person and appreciate ourselves better. (Hell yeah, all those Big Boss episodes are trying to convey this!)

Just some easy hacks to save you from this culture shock would be:

  • Stay connected with family and people you already know!
  • Look for a library, books are often best friends for many!
  • Try their local food and take a tour if possible.
  • Try to make new friends (Of course all we need people around us) but be you and that’s your super power!
  •  Last but not the least, you have “smart-phone”, maybe read my blog (so shameless know!) :D:P

Do I sound preachy? Lel, who cares I’m trying to help a newbie and myself 😛

So what are you waiting for now? Take that new job, date that person and do all things that scare you! After all, we have is one life, you are going to live the same life for 60 years and call it a life? (LEL) Even if it doesn’t work out, you at least tried and learnt something new!

Gooo Risk it all, fasten your seat belts or put your helmet on, take that roller coaster and get comfortable with being uncomfortable!


Swetha Ganesh

Swetha took and interior designing in her college and is highly proficient in the language. She outreaches her excellence level while blogging. Swetha is passionate about design and styling. She is an ardent reader that makes it although more interesting on her blogs.

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