Shankar IAS Academy Founder Shankar Commits Suicide

Shankar IAS Academy is one of the premier IAS Academies in Chennai. Ask any IAS Aspirant in Chennai and they will always point to Shankar IAS Academy as their stepping stone to fulfil their IAS aspirations. The infrastructure, the coaching and the study materials provided were all top notches. IAS aspirants from all over the country studied in Shankar IAS Academy. There were National rank holders who passed out from Shankar IAS Academy. Such was the name and fame of the Academy. It wasn’t just an institution. It was pride. Students felt lucky to be associated with Shankar IAS Academy.

But today morning Shankar Devarajan the CEO and Founder of Shankar IAS Academy died in his house in Mylapore. He was rushed to St Isabel’s house in Mylapore He apparently committed suicide due to personal reasons. He was taken to the hospital late Thursday night but the efforts were in vain as he was already dead. His body was taken Royapettah Government Hospital for post moterm. It is sad that the man who gave hope for millions of students eventually took his own life. But life is always unpredictable that way. You never know what will happen. Sometimes great personalities also have tough times.

After a fight with his wife on Thursday. He had gone into the room and locked himself up. At first, it was supposed to a normal family fight but after repeated knocks at the door failed to get any answer from the other side the relatives broke the door open only to find himself hanging by using a bedsheet.

This news has shocked many of his students across the country and condolences have been pouring in. Shankar who hails from Krishnagiri began the institute in 2004 in Anna Nagar, Chennai. His academy was the first in the state that aimed to train IAS and IPS aspirants. His academy is of national repute and has churned out hundreds of officers who are placed is different states in India. The Academy had recently opened a bigger building in the city.

He was just 45 and is survived by his wife and two daughters.


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