Advantages Of Having A Short Girl Bestie

A tall boy being friends with a short girl has its own pros and cons.

Feeling Tall Always: If you are the tall guy being friends with a short girl will always feel taller and it will always give you confidence. Height is always a confidence booster.

By passing a long queue: when you are besties with a short girl you can bypass long queues especially while buying movie and event tickets. She can find her way through the tiny spaces in the crowd to get tickets.

Finding lost things: Let’s assume that you lost a precious belonging in a tiny space. Your short girl bestie can find it for you. That’s why a short girl bestie is as precious as your precious things in life.

It’s fun to tease: As besties who understand each other, you can always tease your girl bestie for being short. It’s fun to tease and then console her again. That way the bond between the two of you will only get stronger everyday.

Always young: The short girlfriend will always look young which will make the two of you feel young and energetic always. You will only grow young together.


Salesh Dipak

I am a Salesh. I am a Content Writer/Blogger@Awesome Machi I am a Sports Enthusiast and also a compulsive movie buff. I love experimenting with words and telling stories. I am also an avid reader and a keen learner

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