Special Memories of Christmas

As the Christmas season ends and the New Year fever begins there are certain aspects which are memorable and special for every Christmas. Let’s look at some of these.

1. Christmas Cake : There are so many jokes and memes about friends asking for Christmas cake but the fact is no Christmas is complete without Christmas cake. Preparing the Christmas cake is a delightful process. We pick what we love and share it with family and friends. We pick out the cake flavour of our choice and have fun eating and sharing it. It’s so delicious and yummy and the best way to start off your Christmas celebration. Christmas cake is absolute joy.

Christmas Tree: The next thing on the list is Christmas tree. Decorating the Christmas tree is a delightful task which the family does together. It increases the bonding between the family members and is a wonderful lesson in coordination. One of them will buy the Christmas tree while the other person will pitch in with the decoration. In fact it is all a team effort where every member of the family will feel like they have contributed something worthwhile. Sometimes Christmas and Christmas tree will help heal fractured relationships and bring back the lost love. Christmas trees come in various sizes. Some are small. While the others are big but each Christmas tree is beautiful.

Non – Veg: This is mandatory in the house of most Christians during Christmas. Sometimes it’s Biryani while at other times it will chicken gravy , rice and Chicken but food is always fun. It is a delightful feast in most Christian household since Christmas is their biggest festival of the year. It is like how Diwali is to Hindus.

Midnight Mass : Christmas celebrations actually begin a day earlier with the midnight mass on 24th night. It is the biggest Celebration of the year for every Christian. The midnight mass often goes on until 1 or 2 Am but the joy of people staying back after the mass and wishing each other is priceless.


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