Talentia: Stop tagging us Differently Abled!

Voice of the Unheard

Voice of the unheard is a non-profit organisation. It aims to optimise mindset of people towards the differently abled community through social awareness and events. The organisation has been working hard for the past one year to make the lives of the differently abled people better. Or in better words, the lives of humans better. As someone who has undergone lot of hardships as a differently abled person, Abilasha Veeraraghavan came up with the idea of Voice of the Unheard. With proper support from her sister and a few friends, the idea became reality. Soon, this initiative gained momentum and the organisation started it’s first program, Talentia. Since then, mission has gained momentum and is going on at full speed.

What is Talentia?

Talentia is Voice of the Unheard’s program to help the differently abled kids learn various artforms like Dance, Music, Drawing etc., The team has a lot of volunteers who visit the differently abled kids abandoned at various orphanages and homes, to teach them the art form. The kids are not forced to learn arts. Rather, they are more enthusiastic and excited to learn. “They have accepted us as a part of their family. Whenever we visit their home, the way they welcome us with open arms, makes us feel so warm. There is no one in this world who is disabled. They are not incapable of doing things. They take a little more time to understand things and they do it in a different way. I don’t see any difference between them and us.” Says Ashwini, Co-founder of Voice of the Unheard.

Why should the differently abled kids learn arts?

“Art is a way to live life. It is the way to express your feelings. It’s is present within you. It is one thing in this world that doesn’t know who is differently abled and who isn’t. It is your duty to ensure that it doesn’t. For, if humans shy away from art, fearing their ‘disability’ might prove to be a hurdle, even art would start stereotyping. Therefore, it is necessary for humans to learn art.” says Abilasha Veeraraghavan, Co-founder of Voice of the Unheard. Because, art is not just refrained to a section of people. Art helps a person heal.

What should be done?

We should stop stereotyping people based on their inabilities. Rather, we must focus on the abilities. The disabled community are not asking for anything special. They are asking for social acceptance. Because, if we look at social acceptance as something special, life becomes hard for humans. Therefore, must strive to work towards a socially inclusive environment where every human treats the other as a sibling.



Gurumurthy Rathnam
Gurumurthy Rathnam is a budding Journalist, Stand up Comedian and a die-hard sports fanatic. He is also actively involved in social service and empowering the differently abled. He loves writing about lesser known sports. He hopes that his writing can somehow bring a change in the society.

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