List of Tamil Celebrities Accused in India’s MeeToo Movement

The #MeToo Campaign has taken Tamil Nadu by storm. So many Tamil Celebrities have been accused in the MeToo campaign so far. Let’s look at the names accused so far.

1. Lyricist Vairamuthu
2. Singer Karthik
3. Dance Master Kalyan
4. Comedian Aravind SA
5. Radha Ravi
6, President of Tamil Nadu Brahmins Narayanan
7. Sun Tv Fame Ramesh Prabha
8. Lasith Malinga (Not Tamil cinema celebrity cricket player)
9 . Theatre Artist T.K Karthik

For too long we have dismissed Sexual Harassment as an inevitable part of our lives but it’s time to speak up and be heard. It’s time to be bold. Irrespective of whether it’s true or not it’s time that we to give space to all the survivors to come forward with their stories. There are lot of big surprises on the list as the women decide to speak up. Let’s see what’s next for the #MeToo and #TimesUp campaign.


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