May 18: Tamil Genocide Remembrance Day

It’s a day of great pain. A day when so many lives breathed their last in the final stages of the Sri Lankan Civil War. It is known as Tamil Genocide Day or Mullivaikkal Remembrance Day. Let’s go back. Shall we? Let’s look into the events that led to this particular day.

Velupillai Prabhakaran was the youngest among 4 kids. Born in Valvettithurai Velu Prabhakaran embraced fearlessness at a very early age. When a temple priest was once beaten Prabhakaran questioned his father why the oppressed was not hitting back. That was the first step of fearlessness in the journey of a young leader. What started off as a peaceful struggle under the leadership of Sevla eventually turned into a violent cry for fair treatment and justice under Prabhakaran after being denied basic rights. The Tamils in Sri Lanka were being denied their habitat and voting rights. Even Sinhalese was forced on them which left the Tamils with very little choice but to fight back. The bias in the percentage of marks led to Prabhakaran joining the student protest as a rebel.

From there began his ambitious pursuit for Eelam. A separate state for Tamils. Thangathurai and a few of Prabhakaran’s pals formed a team. New Tamil Tigers was born out of an ambitious collective pursuit, Poonthotam became the centre for arms training. Bank robberies followed to fund the arms training and from there LTTE was formed. Prabhakaran was the command in chief for the force that was formed. Tamil Viduthalai Kootani came into power with the promise of a seperate state. But this proved to be a false hope as Tamils were attacked again in 1977. Houses lost, forced to rehabilitate and lives lost.

This went on and on until the Indian Government extended a hand after witnessing the injustice and suffering of Tamils. Women were inducted into LTTE during this period. The LTTE and Tamils in India became brothers. This lasted until Rajiv Gandhi – Jayawardhane agreement. Tables were turned and a series of attacks on both sides which finally led to this painful day, It was a tragic end to a rightful protest. Protest against constant oppression. Protest against mistreatment. The killing of Rajiv Gandhi was the one false step from the LTTE which distanced them from the Indian government,

This is one war which had a wrong victor. This is one war where the suffering and bloodshed was an eternal never-ending struggle. I wish It had all been different. I wish the great leader Prabhakaran had seen the dawn he had visualized before his end.


Salesh Dipak

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