Tamil Nadu Boys New Crush Gouri G Kishan

96 is slowly turning out to be the new age romantic classic which has won the unanimous approval and praise of the audience. The school portion in 96 brought back nostalgic memories for all those who watched the film. Almost everyone could relate the school incidents in the movie as it got them back to their school days.

The school kids were a perfect fit for their respective roles, especially young Jaanu and Young Ram. Aadithya Baaskar the son of popular actor M.S Baaskar played the younger Ram while Gouri G Kishan played the younger Jaanu. Both of them were natural performers and did justice to their roles.

Young Jaanu aka Gouri is the new crush of TN boys. She is the latest to steal the heart of TN boys. Her fan following has increased drastically with TN boys following her social media account.

Recently during her birthday, she had said that she had missed her co-star Aadithya. I love you’s and I miss you are followed even as fans speculated real romance between the couple. But both of them have clarified that they are just best friends.

Both of them have achieved overnight fame. It is important for fans to realize that they are just teenagers and deserve to have a private life.


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