Important Things To Teach Your Child #1: Good Touch Bad Touch

We live in a world where Children are being raped by heartless creatures. Child sex abuse goes well beyond the dress the victim wears. A sexually starved being or a rapist doesn’t look at the dress the kid wears. So what should be done to prevent such crimes. We have listed out the best possible measures of prevention from our side. You tell us yours.

The No Answer: Teach your kids to say No when someone touches them at inappropriate places. It doesn’t matter if the person touching the kid is an elderly friend, a neighbour or a close relative. No means no. Age doesn’t matter. Relationships doesn’t matter. The No applies to everybody. Rapists aren’t special creatures. They can be anyone among us.

Watching the Kids: Keep a close watch on your kids at all times. Be aware of what they are doing and whom they are getting closer to. Teach them not to accept food from strangers or even people close to the family unless they can be trusted 100%

Good touch Bad Touch: Teach your kids the difference between hug, other gestures of love and appreciation and touches at inappropriate places. Tell the difference between touches that make them feel uncomfortable touches that make them feel loved. Explain things to them very subtly in random playful conversations in a way they can understand.

Listen to your kids: Take time out and have regular conversations around the topic. Make it easier for your kids to trust you. Listen to them when they come to you with concerns and answer them when they have questions. Don’t take any isolated incidents lightly and dismiss them. If your kid comes to you and tells you that someone touched them inappropriately empathize with them.

Teach Kids in School: Teachers in school should take initiatives to make the children aware of their bodies. It should be made a compulsory part of the school curriculum Shying away from such topics will only make things worse. Teachers and Parents should work in hand to make the child feel safe and secure

Owning the Body: Tell the Kids that their body belongs to them and make them aware of the body parts which shouldn’t be touched.


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