Welcome Back Thalaivi Nazriya

Nazriya is back and we are all excited to see her again. Nazriya is someone whom we all loved when we first saw her in Neram.

The infectious energy and the charm that Nazriya brings to the screen is unmatched. And she still retains her girl next door image even after years of marriage. She still looks the same. The break seems to have had zero effect on her persona? It’s like she went on a break yesterday and came back today.

The girl next door look is her biggest plus. It doesn’t matter if we had seen her on-screen n number of times we still fall in love with her. And there’s the bonus of seeing her on screen with Parvathy and Prithivraj. And she’s directed by Anjali Menon of Banglore days fame.

She was the life and soul of Banglore Days. Her entry in Raja Rani is still one of the best entries for a Heroine in Tamil Cinema. Her death in the film shook us and so did her sudden break from acting and now her comeback is sweet news for all Nazriya fans.


Salesh Dipak

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