Anirudh and Nayanthara Joins Thalapathy 63 Team

With Vijay’s Sarkar grossing 100 crores the next big announcement is here. Vijay is all set to join hands with Atlee for his next project. The project is to be produced by AGS but the big addition is the fact that Vijay is reuniting with Anirudh for this project. We all know what a blockbuster album Kaththi was. The songs were all fantastic. More importantly, the background score elevated the film to the next level. Every time the BGM came on screen we felt the energy. It was a fitting music for the star that Vijay is. My favourite is the one where Vijay walks out of the tunnel. Anirudh’s BGM elevated the scene beautifully.

Anirudh meanwhile is on a musical high. Even in Nayanthara’s superhit Kolamavu Kokila Anirudh’s music perfectly matched the aura and the screen presence of Lady Superstar Nayanthara. Especially the song for the gun was Anirudh at his best. Even in Petta’s motion poster Anirudh’s music stood out beautifully. Just the thought of seeing superstar Rajinikanth walking to Anirudh’s BGM and Rajini crooning to Anirudh’s songs gets me all excited. This unique and new combination is indeed a wonderful treat for music and superstar Rajinikanth fans. It will be a commercial masterpiece.

Atlee, on the other hand, joins with Vijay for the third time. Both Theri and Mersal were blockbusters. Atlee knows how to present Vijay on screen. In both Theri and Mersal there were enough mass moments which were a treat for Vijay fans. Atlee films are often perfect family entertainers so we can be rest assured that the next film will be a family entertainer. There are talks that the film might be inspired by Annamalai which implies that the film will once again be a perfect Vijay entertainer. If the film turns out well we might get a glimpse of Vijay the entertainer once again.

Vijay, Anirudh, Atlee and AGS is a dream combination to look forward to. And the next big addition is Lady Superstar Nayanthara who is on a winning run. The last time they joined together was for Villu. Thalapathy Vijay and Lady Superstar Nayanthara are a dream pair. Let’s wish all the best for this Awesome team.


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