The gems that Na Muthukumar left with us.

Tamil Cinema is indebted to Na Muthukumar. Right after Kannadhasan, Vaali and Vairamuthu it is Na Muthukumar’s words which made quite an impact in the listener’s mind. Of course he had so many peers who were good but none of them could match the depth that Na Muthukumar had. Losing ourselves to Na Muthumar’s words is one of life’s priceless treasures. We laughed with him, we cried with him and felt motivated by his words. The impact of his words was extraordinary. From Oru Naalil to Ananda Yazhai. Almost all his songs had that ability to stir our soul and shake us.

Na Muthukumar’s melody is like a mother’s lullaby, a friend’s faith, a lover’s kiss, a wife’s persistence and a daughter’s trust. Na Muthukumar can give you all of this in a single song. The sea of emotions as you hear the song is undeniable. For today’s generation who grew up listening to Tamil songs he was the Alpha and the Omega of writing. All the music directors we adored and the voices we heard found solace in Muthumar’s words. His words are permanent impressions destined to survive beyond time. The words will resonate as long as there are two pairs of years ready to listen.

It is a pity that he had to leave us early. Maybe it was to prove that great artists never die. Their work speaks for themselves as long as life exists. The words of Na Muthukumar and the magic in them are timeless. Yes he is an irreplaceable loss but we never really lost him. The fact that we are still writing about his words today is proof of his versatility


Salesh Dipak

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