The Other Side of Charlie Chaplin

We all know that Charlie Chaplin is the greatest comedian of our times. But did you know he was a staunch communist? He openly hated Adolf Hitler and created a satire The Great Dictator to put forth his views on the Nazi Wave. He was very much impressed and inspired by how firmly the communists hated the fascism of Hitler.

He was very firm in his views. He was even exiled from the US because of his alignment with the communist party of USA. He stayed outside of USA from 1952 to 1972. He returned in 1972 only to receive an honorary Oscar.

Charlie Chaplin famously quoted that “What I want is that every child should have enough to eat, shoes on his feet and a roof over his head” and he believed that communism would abolish poverty. Chaplin’s silent films had him playing the tramp the iconic poor man in a modern capitalist society.

The whole point of the tramp “is that no matter how down on his ass he is, no matter how well the jackals succeed in tearing him apart, he’s still a man of dignity.” The working class, the working poor, are people of great resourcefulness and dignity – not beaten down, not to be mocked. Charlie was always a representative of the working class, the oppressed and the downtrodden section of the society. This was highlighted in all his films.

“The Great Dictator” speech by Charlie Chaplin

To him, Communism gave hope and belief to the common man. It is this aspect which made him a real-life political hero as well. He was a great personality who was mourned far and wide. He had his flaws but he stood up for the poor. On the day of his birth let’s celebrate both his real life and cinematic achievements.

Happy Birthday Charlie Chaplin.


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