These two teachers from Tamil Nadu awarded for removing caste biases from classrooms

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Meet these two teachers from Tamil Nadu who are being awarded for nipping the caste discrimination in bud. The caste, community and its essence have been emerged in certain people, as we witness some merciless incidents if caste crime in our day to day lives. In fact, about 15 months ago, 23 years old Kevin becomes a victim to these caste indifferences. He was abducted; murdered and was found floating in the Chaliyekara river in Kollam. The reason was that Kevin who belongs to the Dalit Christian community was in love with Neenu, a girl from a dominant Christian community. As the Neenu’s family was uncomfortable with that, Neenu’s father committed the gruesome crime.

However, We all are aware that there are non-stop encounterings of such incidents just because of caste. What scares most is the fact that sometimes, this poison of caste rage develop in young minds. Recently, a school at Uttar Pradesh gave a piece of shocking information. In a primary school at Rampur, Uttar Pradesh,  some students were found to bring their own plates from their home for mid-day meals and eat separately from students belonging to the SC, ST and Dalit communities. “We ask students to sit together and eat but they go separate ways as soon as we leave. Maybe they’ve learned it from home. We’ve tried a lot to teach them that they’re all equals but students from upper caste try to stay away from those of lower-caste,” the Principal says.

In times, like this, what needed to be more focused is letting the children learn about morality and how wrongful is treating someone like untouchables. Thus, these two teachers from Thanjavur- Ansar Ali, a teacher at the Government High School in Udayalur, Thanjavur, and professor V Senthamil Selvi, the Principal of Raja Serfoji Government College have been chosen for the annual ‘Nikari Award’ for promoting social equality in the classroom, conferred by Manarkeni Research Journal.

When speaking of this, Ansar said that caste is something that needs to be addressed very often and in a casual manner in classrooms.  I got a lot more chance to talk about caste and social inequality earlier when I was a history teacher,” Ansar says who is now a maths teacher. However, he stated that he still does that in a casual manner. When asked about how he manages to remove the caste biases among students, he says “I set an example for disregarding caste-differences inside school campus by talking to students without biases. I also sometimes butt in among students when they are playing as teams and reorganize the teams to mix the students demographic a little. I am very particular about it.”

“I sense that many times students feel superior by caste among themselves.  I keep saying that all of us are equal casually so that it becomes ingrained in them from an early age,” he says. When Senthil Selvi, she says, “According to me, I have been helping out marginalized students since the day I started teaching. To me, I consider it the duty of a teacher to help students from marginalized backgrounds to come up in life”. It is to be noted that she also conducts extra tutorial facilities for students from the SC/ST communities who require extra support in getting through their academics.

News Courtesy: The News Minute

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