Things to know before relocating to Chennai

‘Madras’ as it is fondly called,Chennai has always been a warm, welcoming and happening place for ages now.Home to people from all parts of the world,this yellow city is definitely to win over your hearts,with its timeless charm.Here are five things to know before relocating to this bustling city.

1)Autos in Yellow
Brightly coloured yellow autos will be the first welcome sight to greet you,as soon as you set foot on the Chennai sands-a thing as unique and special as the city itself.The next thing you’d probably have to know about are the sky high auto fares.And in no time you’ll find yourself thanking the gods for Ola and Uber rides.

2)Tamil slangs
If you are one of those people who doesn’t know the language,DO NOT WORRY.All you need to know are a few phrases and you’re good to go.’Illa’,’Aama’,’Evlo’ are more or less enough to get you through the day.And always remember to address everyone by ‘Anna’ or ‘Akka’ and be ready to bask in all the love the Chennaities have to offer.Not to forget the pretty slangs we’d have to censor,but that’s a story for another day.

3)The bus woes
If you see a green bus, bustling with a sea of people and slightly leaning onto the left,DO NOT BE SHOCKED.This is one of the many surprises Chennai has to offer.The next thing you should know is how to wade through a overflowing crowd of people,to buy tickets.And boy,master this art and you’ll turn into a true Madrasi in no time.

4)Fall in love with the filter’kaapi’
From the long, peaceful walks along the sands of Marina to the fading sunsets at Mahabs, Chennai has a lot to offer.But nothing can never compare to the filter ‘kaapi’.The freshly brewed aroma of Chennai’s very own elixir,is all that you need to get over a bad day, a heartbreak or to kick-start your day with.

5)Monsoon madness
The dazzling sun shines bright throughout the year in Chennai, except for the months of October, November and December-the season of our beloved monsoon rains.You’ll see people checking the weather updates on the news channels every 5 minutes and this is that time of the year when the weather man becomes every child’s hero.Get used to hot teas, crispy vadas and drenched newspapers and in no time you’ll fall in love with the monsoons,just as much as you will with the city’s charm.


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