This Article is for Stalker

Here is the list of heart-breaking stalking happened around Chennai in recent times.

2016: S. Swathi killed at a railway station by a stalker

2017: A techie burnt alive in her home by her former classmate

2017: 7-year-old Hasini killed by Dhashvanth

2018: Aswini stabbed outside her college by a stalker

These murders are the shameful blot on humanity. Swathi murder bought a lot of hard-hitting questions about women safety in Chennai but we haven’t learned lessons from these murders. Here are the few things to learn

For Stalker: 10 Things To Remember Before Stalking A Girl

1. See Her Parents In Her Face

In every girl child face, there is a face of parents behind. She representing her family with a lot of hope and love.

2. Think About Her Amma

How painful for a mother to hear that her daughter killed by Stalker

3. Time Is The Best Medicine. Be Patient

Be aware of ever-changing nature. There is nothing permanent in this world, sadness will come and go and happiness will come and go but you remain the same. Time can heal your problems. People are temporary like your feelings they will come and go. Don’t ruin your future for tempory people.

4. It’s Absolutely Okay To Be Alone

Being alone is different from being lonely. Find relationships to escape from loneliness will bring sufferings not happiness.

5. “No” Means No

We must accept “No” from girl wholeheartedly. “Let it go”philosophy is important in life.

6. Every Has Emotions

If a girl said “No” doesn’t mean she wants to insult or make you feel sad. She has her own problem.

7. Being Love and Loved

Why everybody wants to be in receiver end. Let’s start to be in giver end too.

8. Stalking Is Against Women Freedom

Because of stalkers, parents are worried about girl children’s education and employment. Surely, Stalking is against women empowerment. Let women go school, college and office freely.

9. Gender Violence

We have been told for ages that women are weaker sex both physically and mentally. Violence became part of our life and there is a lot of violence in love. In case of inter-caste marriage parents getting into violence in the name of honor killing. This society teaching violence of younger generation which is not good. Spread love not hatred

10. Who Said Love Will Come Only Once In Lifetime

Tamil Cinema shows love will only flower once in a lifetime which is not true. God has good plans for you.



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