Top 10 Malayalam movies of the last decade(2009 – 2019)

By salesh-dipak | January 13, 2020

Let’s look at the Top 10 Malayalam movies of the last decade.

Ustad Hotel : Even today the mere thought of Ustad Hotel makes me feel good about life. Dulquer is extremely likeable as the confused teenager who rediscovers himself while bonding with his grandfather. Sparks fly as Dulquer and Nithya look like a match made in heaven on screen. Apart from all of this there is mouthwatering food.

Ustad Hotel

Banglore Days : There are some Malayalam movies which are a favourite among Tamil Audiences. One of them is Banglore Days. We still love it and adore the film. A refreshing young cast comprising the Who’s Who Of the Younger Generation of Malayalam Cinema. It was light, feel good and a beautiful take on life in the busy streets of Bangalore.

Banglore Days

Premam : The Malayalam version of autograph in a lighter tone. A dashing Nivin Pauly, the native Tamil connect with Malar Teacher, Madonna and Anupama’s cuteness in combination with a love story which brought back our school and college memories. Premam was a winner all the way. 100 days for a Malayalam film in Chennai is a big deal. That shows what Premam meant to us and how it connected with us.


Drishyam : A film inspired by the Novel The Devotion of Suspect X. This was one thriller which resonated across India in different languages. Each language had a different Actor playing the Hero but no one comes remotely close to what Mohanlal did as Georgekutty. Not even Kamal Hassan. The nuances, the walk, fear and courage. It was Mohanlal at his very best.


Charlie : The film was Dulquer and Parvathy at their very best. Two wanderers find love through travel and art. The film also had some lovely songs and left a positive impact on the audience.


Kumbalangi Nights : The film effortlessly shuts out the society’s call to be an ideal man. A man who is tough and can keep all the emotions in check. But Kumbalangi doesn’t want that. The men in Kumbalangi laugh , cry and even fall at a women’s feet to express remorse. Being perfect all the time isn’t always the right thing. I felt happy when this was addressed in so many ways throughout the film. There’s also a wonderful ode to the role of strangers who later become an indispensable part of our lives.

Kumbalangi Nights

Sudani from Nigeria : The focus is primarily around the game of football and the emotions surrounding it. I am still surprised at how Malayalam cinema is constantly able to focus on a seemless narrative without falling prey to commercial compromises. There’s only one focal point – Football. Every other sub-plot is subtly woven around the game itself and trust me when I say this each of the sub plot moves you.

Sudani from Nigeria

Angamaly Diaries : . Lijo Jose and Chemban Vinod join hands to bring Angamaly to life. There are so many untold stories hidden within a resident’s ordinary existence. In our hurried search for those beautiful montages of life we forget to celebrate and cherish an extraordinary collage of ordinary everyday sequences.

Angamaly Diaries

Traffic : Once in a while a film makes you sit up and take notice. A movie which transcends superlatives and becomes etched in your memory. Traffic is one such film. It narrates the events of a single day where different individuals each buried in their own issues come together by mere chance to save a life.


Om Shanti Oshana : It is a film in which Nazriya’s presence alone lifts the film to a whole new level. It is the usual coming of age film but Nazriya makes sure that we don’t feel bored at any point in the film. Tamil film audience already loved her in Raja Rani and this was the perfect icing on the cake as the character was all joy and happiness throughout the film.

Om Shanti Oshana



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  1. No doubt the above movies were good..but malayalam movies have been more content based .Premam ,om shanti oshana , kumblangi are movies any industries can make..

    Please see the below movies and these should easily

    1.Mumbai police
    3.Take off
    5. Vettah

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