Top 10 Movies of Chiyaan Vikram

It’s Chiyaan Vikram’s birthday today. We take a sneak peek into his best films till date. Picking out the top 10 films of one of India’s finest actors is not an easy task but we have tried our best.

1. Pithamagan: Vikram’s best film. Pithamagan was a film which brought out his best performance and the film as a whole deserved Vikram’s best efforts. Bala’s strong narration gives life to one of the most beautiful onscreen friendship. The fact that a man who can barely utter a word finds a soul who cares in the ever talkative Suriya is heartwarming. The phrase “ Opposites Attract” finds a new meaning. As a social outcast who leans to one man his anger towards the end stuns and shocks us. The fact that he competed with Kamal’s Anbe Sivam and still won the national award says a lot.

2. Sethu: Bala knows how to get the best out of Vikram and he gave Vikram his breakthrough film through Sethu. What a film it was. The transformation from the energetic college guy to the lost lover is breathtaking. None of us ready for the film’s transition or the character’s transformation. The climax moves us, leaves us speechless with a heavy heart as Ilayaraja takes over with his soulful melody. Sethu was the film which made us take notice of Vikram. The fact that none of the actors in the remakes could do what Vikram did in the original is a great proof of Vikram’s effort. The film also gave him the title “ Chiyaan”

3. Anniyan: The tale of a split personality was very new to Tamil Cinema and the audience loved Vikram in his three avatars. The man pulled off three different variations with ease. It was almost as if we were watching 3 different actors. The interrogation scene where a bewildered Prakash Raj says that he had never seen an actor like Vikram before says it all. The parents loved Ambi, the girls wanted a boyfriend like Remo and everyone yearned for a vigilante like Anniyan which was the films greatest success.

4. Deiva Thirumugal: Though the film’s plot is heavily inspired by several other films Vikram’s portrayal and his bonding with Sarah makes us like him right from the start. The conflict of a mental father wanting custody of his daughter requires a nuanced performance that makes us look beyond the mental illness. Vikram does just that as we fall in love with the father-daughter duo during the courtroom sequence. The climax of a father wanting the best for his daughter is just about perfect.

5. Kasi: Vikram had to emulate Kalabhavan Mani and make it feel authentic in Tamil. Despite the melodrama and the dark tone of the film, it was difficult not to applaud Vikram’s efforts in an underappreciated film. Vikram’s presence alone makes the film watchable and relatable

6. I: Another film which was lifted by Vikram’s performance alone. Take Vikram’s efforts out of the film and you have nothing. The plot is very ordinary for a Shankar film but I doubt if any actor would torture his body so much for a role. The fact that he opted to do it the natural way despite the presence of CGI is something which needs a standing ovation. If only the plot has been as good as Vikram’s performance it would have been another national award for Vikram.

7. Saamy: Vikram’s screen presence gave new life to a crooked no-nonsense cop. From washing the face with beer to challenging the intimidating Villain. Vikram fits in perfectly into the Hari Template and gave us a new screen cop to adore. The trim, dashing cop finds a reference even in one of Vivek’s comedy. This is one cop who we will remember for a long time.

8. Dhool: Vikram’s first big attempt at playing the man of the masses. And he did everything that a Tamil Cinema Hero does to save his village in distress. Once again a cat and mouse game with a clever villain Vikram plays the role with relentless energy and makes the film and his role likeable. His sparkling Chemistry with Jyothika and Reema Sen was an added plus.

9. Dhill: An upright cop deserved a sincere performance and Vikram lends honesty and authenticity to his role. He blends in quite well as someone belonging to a middle-class household which makes his anger and revenge very relatable.


10. Gemini: A fun film where both Vikram and Kalabhavan Mani have absolute fun from beginning to end. There’s no plot to the film but a handsome Vikram complementing the Multi-Talented Kalabhavan Mani, a gorgeous Kiran and the evergreen O Podu made Gemini a film to remember.

We have listed our top 10. You list out your favourite film of Chiyaan Vikram and let us know if we have missed any of your favourite film of his.


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