Top 10 Startup Companies in India

The present youth of India has been coming up with some brilliant ideas for the past few years. Some of them have transformed into famous and successful entrepreneurs. So, here we are, to discuss about the top 10 such entrepreneurs who are making it good in the start-up industry:

1. FLYROBE: The start-up raised a huge amount of $5.3 million in their fresh round itself which saw the likes of Vijay Shekar Sharma, founder of Paytm and Leon SeynaveWith, chairman of Stanhope Capital, participating in this round of funding. It already had a lumpsum amount of $1.7 million in its wallet that it had raised in its seed funding round and had a total of $7 million at the end. The company, founded by Shreya Mishra, Pranav Surana and Tushar Saxena in 2015, it deals with consumers, who want to rent premium accessories and apparels for a short period of time. What’s interesting is that, these accessories come from famous designers like Masaba Gupta and Ritu Kumar, among others.

2. BUTTALKS: With changing time, the way we buy underwear is also progressing. This one is a bit different. It’s an online venture for buying under wears online, but it’s exclusive to men. Launched in August 2017, the company was founded by Chennai based Brijesh Devareddy, Surej Salim, Manish Kishore. The purpose of this e-commerce start-up was to help men upgrade to better underwear. It’s definitely not the first e-commerce venture dealing with underwear clothing but what makes it different is that it focuses solely on the needs of men. While women take a lot of care while buying the correct lingerie, men do not consider this much. Buttalks is all about changing that notion.

3. HEALTHIFYME :The company founded by Tushar Vashisth, Mathew Cherian and Sachin Shenoy, is based in Bangalore and came into being when it raised a good amount of $6 million in the series A round in April 2016. It deals with providing services regarding weight loss and fitness issues. The app is a platform where users can experience calorie tracking, water tracking and on-the-cloud fitness coaching. It also helps in motivating its users- thumbs up for that! Consumers with a premium subscription get to choose from a variety of options like certified yoga coaches, in-house nutritionists, fitness trainers and much more. Say hello to the new healthy life with this app!

4. FRESHTOHOME: A one of its kind venture would be perfect to define this one. Getting fresh meat and fish is difficult as well as painstaking. And the startup is all about resolving this. It’s an online marketplace where people get to buy fresh fish and livestock. The people connected with FreshToHome source fish and meat produce, directly from the farmers and fishermen, so that consumers get the best of choices. The co-founder of this company, Shan Kadavil, says that the motto of the company is to help its consumers get the best meat and fish which would also be chemical free.

5. STAQU: This Company is more for the upcoming future. Its logo itself goes like ‘AI for Next Generation.’ Staqu’s recommendation engine is one of its kind; to be honest, it is the first of its kind. It is a contextual recommendation engine which presents an in-platform and cross platform recommendation ability along with a complete control over the recommendations to the platform owners. It helps you to select the perfect look, matching accessories and many more products, through their AI oriented recommendations, which matches with your respective preferences! Cool, right?

6. DEDUCELY: This Company was founded by the young Ashwin Vayiravan, who is also the CEO of the company. It came into being in the year 2016 and was also co-founded by Arun Kumar. The purpose of Deducely is to help out Sales representatives in reaching their sales target. They help by providing detailed information regarding their respective leads, like their monthly budget, revenue, etc. The people working for Deducely use machine learning to predict which of their users’ leads would convert to customers.

7. FAIRCENT: The Company was created by Rajat Gandhi, the founder and CEO of the company. The aim of this company is to provide an online market place where lenders and borrowers contact directly without having to go through the long procedures of intermediate areas like banks, who have nothing to provide other than terms and conditions. This makes the job a lot easier, for both the lenders and borrowers. It also reduces the huge margins kept aside by banks and other financial institutions, thus providing maximum benefits to their customers. The only margin present and needs to be paid is of the company, but it is a bare minimum in comparison with the banks.

8. BETTERPLACE: The name says it all. The motto of the company is to ‘Build a Better Place for the Next Billion Indians.’ We all know that out of our 1.3 billion people population, almost 450 million work as labourers, provide house-keeping services, work as maids, carpenters, security guards, factory workers, etc.; and have a very low income. They aspire to land a good formal job. This start-up helps in fulfilling that wish. The people at BetterPlace are working towards making their lives better by helping them access and connect with formal jobs industry, thus helping them explore better job opportunities. Their venture is a digital platform for these people, who get to interact with better employers, who provide them with jobs, where they realise their true abilities. Kudos to such a platform! This might help in bringing about the necessary change we are looking for in the picture of India, in the future.

9. UNIPHORE: A unique venture it is. The reason behind the human revolution and progress in becoming the most superior being on the planet, is probably, our ability to speak. Communication is a necessary way to success, in any platform. And the company is just taking this ability of ours to another level. Uniphore extends the power of speech into making the human-machine interaction better day-by-day. They are helping software applications to understand and thereby respond to human speech as per the user’s requirement, making the communication process a lot easier. This also helps in making the experience faster, by reducing the time wasted in interacting with the apps.

10. YELDI: Yeldi originally came into being in early 2008 as an offline venture. Its online operations started only in 2015. It was created as a NFC Technology Company and its technology experts are based out of places like China, UK, USA and France. The company has its roots in Chennai and was founded a father- daughter duo, daughter Lakshmideepa and father Ra. Arjunamurthy. Yeldi’s NFC technology is created in collaboration with NXP Semiconductors headquartered in Netherlands. It primarily comprises the NFC mobile handsets, backend Infrastructure, Yeldi card and mobile app. The cards provide a variety of payment and security access applications. When tapped against the YELDI NFC handset, it helps in data exchange and transactions. Overall, the company provides a platform for multiple purposes, thus fulfilling wishes for a variety of users.


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