Meme Creators Day: Top 10 Vadivelu characters used in memes


Vadivelu’s names in movies are quirky fresh and innovative. Let’s look at the some of his legendary roles with clever names which is used in memes.

Winner- Kaipulla : The iconic Kaipulla. Mentioning one scene from this from this film is impossible. Vadivelu owns the film from start to finish. He is the hero despite the presence of Prasanth. From teasing the heroine to getting beaten up repeatedly by Riaz Khan and Prasanth it is a Vadivelu show all the way. Fittingly he says ” Adika Varen nu Soninga Varave Illa.

Winner- Kaipulla

Pokkiri – Body Soda : Body Soda and his Mandai Mela Iruka are unforgettable. The way he goofs up as the karate master is hilarious and more importantly he forgets his kondai in disguise to get caught by the hero’s friends.

Pokkiri – Body Soda

Ellam Avan Seyal – Vandu Murugan : Vandu Murugan was an interesting transition. From the stupid lawyer to one of the the most hilarious on screen politicians. Vadivelu has us in rolling in laughter. The court scene of Vandu Murugan can never be replaced.

Ellam Avan Seyal – Vandu Murugan

Vedigundu Murugesan – ‘Alert’ Arumugam : Whether it’s getting caught by the police after getting his hand struck in the pocket or the Morai da Morai scene Vadivelu is just excellent as always. He is a wonderful lesson on how to be on the move all the time.

Vedigundu Murugesan – ‘Alert’ Arumugam

Kovil – ‘Bullet’ Pandi : Again a master who just shows off without knowing anything. Charlie callis him Number 2 Dubbakor and it’s very true. To his credit Vadivelu maintains his poise as the master till the very end.

Kovil – ‘Bullet’ Pandi

Kannathal -Soonaa Paanaa (Subbiah Pandian) : ” Ellarum Soona Paana Aiyda Mudiyuma” holds good for Vadivelu. There is only one Vadivelu. He is in full flow again especially the Panchayat Scene is a laugh riot. ” Enna Kaiya pudichu illuthiya” is one of the most popular vadivelu dialogues of all times. All the Panchayat leaders give up one by one as Vadivelu emerges winner.

Kannathal -Soonaa Paanaa (Subbiah Pandian)

Ennamma Kannu -Telex Pandian / ‘Setup’ Chellappa : This time it’s a double role. A pimp and an honest over enthusiastic police office. But the police officer Telex Pandiyan wins our hearts. Especially when he covers up after being scolded by Sathyaraj and when calls Kovai Sarala Simran.

Ennamma Kannu -Telex Pandian / ‘Setup’ Chellappa

Marudhamalai- ‘Encounter’ Ekaambaram : The Siripu police who gets repeatedly gets nose cut from Arjun. The scenes where he explains the suffix of the rowdies and when he let’s a convict escape because of over emotion are just epic.

Marudhamalai- ‘Encounter’ Ekaambaram

Arya -‘Snake’ Babu : It’s the Siripu politician this time. Though his scenes with Madhavan make us laugh it’s Bhavana’s Kidnap scene which stands out. The way Vadivelu perceives it as if Bhavana is in love with him and the Kannan Varum Velai background song makes this an evergreen comedy.

Arya -‘Snake’ Babu

Thalai Nagaram -Nai Sekar : Nai Sekar is another iconic role as he attempts to win over the heroine’s heart and fails every time and the way he consoles himself with Divya illana Nayanthara is a lesson for all of us. We should always keep moving on despite heartbreaks.

Thalai Nagaram -Nai Sekar

Even today we cannot create memes without vadivelu. Awesome Machi has rolled out a T-SHIRT as a tribute to our Vaigai Puyal Vadivelu which is aptly titled make memes not war.

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